If any team violates the rule, then a technical point will be awarded to the opponent team. He  was  appointed to Rail  Wheel Factory ,Yelahanka, Bangalore through sports quota in 2008. 02) Play Field Measurements. Mr. Mandar M Shetti started his Kabaddi career with Sports Authority Of India, Dharwad in 2004. If you are from the sub-continent, you might be synonymous with the sport of kabaddi, and chances are you might even have tried your luck with a few raids of your own. 4. The Raider will be declared safe if more than one defender tries to stop or tackle the Raider, and a point will be awarded to the raiding side. In such a case, the team has to play with a lesser number of players. One technical point and the chance to raid will be awarded to the opponent team. None of the defenders are allowed to touch the Raider’s court during the course of the raid. Stretching is one of the most important thing a kabaddi player must do before and after playing the game. Both the teams shall field 8 players in the court.

The circle demarcating the radius of 16 meters in case of women, junior girls, sub-junior boys & girls and the radius of 22 meters in the case of men and junior boys will be the boundary of the play-field. The time of time out shall be added to the match time. He should have a perfect goal about the game.

The antis touched by the raider during the attack are declared ‘out’ if they do not succeed in catching the raider before he returns to home court. The core idea of the game is to score points by raiding into the opponent’s court and touching as many defense players as possible without getting caught on a single breath.

The raid should not exceed than 30 seconds; otherwise, the opponent team will be awarded a point. If there is a tie in a knock-out game, then a tie-breaker should be played between both teams according to the following rules: Note: All other rules of the Circle Style Kabaddi including the ‘Golden Raid’ rule and League System are the same as the Regular Kabaddi. From this certificates a player can seek a job in many of the institutions through sports quota. Based on the players performance on the court on the present day , he can make the players more enthusiastic to play and if a player is not performing well ,  coach must give a opportunity to the substitute player to prove himself on the court . The distance of the baulk line from the mid line shall be 3.75 meter in case of Men and Junior Boys and 3 meter in case of Women, Junior Girls, Sub-Junior Boys and Girls. Now that is how the game came to being and evolved over the years. The modern Kabaddi is well over 70 years old, and was played all over India and some parts of South Asia from 1930. No substitution is allowed for any suspended or disqualified a player from the match. After formation of this body, Kabaddi took a new shape and National level competitions started for Junior and Sub-junior boys & girls also. No matter what ever their standards be, the player must always maintain a learner attitude. Kabaddi! Sub-Junior Girls: The age shall be 16 years or below on the last day of the event, and the weight should be lower than 65 Kgs. 3) Stairs drills.