We collected the examples on this page from all kinds of different industries to show just how versatile a square logo can be. The orange background helps to convey a message of action and affordability. The spire typeface manages to straddle the line between modern and professional, while the dark blue background lends a serious tone to the overall design with a hint of fun. Why not play around with our automated logo designer. So, enough talk about that! DocuSign has actually been around since 2003, practically an eternity in the tech world. I know how to change the dimensions of the logo (using the control panel for now) but obviously, that is not what I want. They’ve used their logo consistently on their stores, packaging, delivery vehicles, and promotional material; so, it doesn’t matter if you view the logo upside down, sideways, or back to front—you know it’s pizza time when you see the Domino’s logo. It’s hard for a bank to create a fresh logo, but Bank of America’s stunning new logo uses a square to represent the American flag and bring it up to speed with modern logo design. Interesse an individuell angepassten Schulungen? While it may not be the flashiest or most upmarket store, 7-Eleven is undoubtedly dependable. It only took one week for Gap to read the writing on the wall and revert back to their much-loved logo. You can learn a lot by looking at how a company’s logo has developed. Pick one of the square logos on this page or update your search. In most industries, you’ll be facing stiff competition, some of whom will have established themselves way before you. I have traces it in AI. You can waltz in at any time of day or night and pick up snacks, beverages, and food. Gap’s familiar square logo is so iconic that when the company tried to rebrand it in 2010, there was such a huge backlash from customers that the new logo was scrapped. Did you know that different shapes represent different character traits? Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter. The logo I have is rectangular and vertical. of 4,776. logo, television vector tv network logo cube abstract logo computer company logos logo ee modern logo in square tv screen logo square technology logo square link vector logo square. A lot of the logo designs we’ve seen have been inside of square boxes. Because the BBC advertises and broadcasts on so many mediums, having a simple design allows them to adapt their logo easily to different situations and sizes. See square logo stock video clips. Ein elektronisches Signaturzertifikat wird im Rahmen der deutschen Gesetzgebung und der europäischen Verordnungen anerkannt. T-Mobile does something different to make an impact. In fact, the logo has become so recognizable that often they’ll only show the T surrounded by two squares. The ‘in’ is inside a blue square by itself, which allows LinkedIn to separate the logo and use it in smaller spaces— especially useful for displaying your logo on a smartphone. We offer seamless integration with leading e-signature solutions including Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and more. I would create a new document with dimensions 152x152. The reason they look different is not because they've been squashed. Try leaving an outline around the square and filling it with white space for a clean, minimalist look. Forgot Password Instructions have been sent. And that's where I get really confused. Their new design has three black squares with a white letter inside. Branchenführende Anwendungen, Integrationen und APIs. Es ist Zeit für einen Wandel. How to I create a square format with transparent background upon which the logo is centered so that the resulting export is a transparent square with the logo? I would place the logo on top of the transparent background. Both companies want their audiences to know they can be trusted, and blue symbolizes strength, reliability, and excellence. Ah, so it is possible in AI? This is a very basic question. It’s important to learn the psychology of logo shapes before delving into logo design yourself. Sie können Verträge auf 44 Sprachen signieren und auf 14 Sprachen versenden. Bottom line - we keep the signature process moving with bulk e-signatures and help you keep customers, employees, and partners happy. I need to design a series of Favicons for a site. Try these curated collections . The following are our corporate logos. Thanks a lot Jakob. Fantastic. Let's reason this. When looking close you will notice that the vast majority of favicons differ from the companies' logos. /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/td-p/9852512, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852513#M95253, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852514#M95254, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852515#M95255, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852516#M95256, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852517#M95257, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852518#M95258, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852519#M95259, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852520#M95260, /t5/illustrator/creating-a-square-format-from-a-rectangular-logo/m-p/9852521#M95261. Since that day, they have been helping ensure that twenty-something soon-to-be-dads don’t have to drive all over the world just to sign some papers (is it clear this is a personal anecdote yet?). You are welcome, Chris (or should I say Kris?). I centre the logo in the square document. All of these are excellent characteristics to associate with your brand (although you’ll want to first make sure these traits are relevant to the things your brand offers or sells). Our online logo creator helps small business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs make a logo design that’s both high quality and professional, Logo Maker Logo Ideas Blog Products Affiliate Program, Site Map Customer Support Brand Guidelines Careers Contact Us TOS  |  Privacy  |  Cookie Policy @2020 Copyright Tailor Brands, 15 Famous Logos with Hidden Meanings You Never Knew About, 17 Famous Triangle Logos That Get Right to the Point. Password Copyright © 2020 Adobe. But there is no way the logo itself is distorted to be square. The DocuSign logo is our most prominent brand element and conveys the evolution of our organization. The brand name Uniqlo was supposed to be an abbreviation of “Unique Clothing.”. Great. Erfüllt und übertrifft die strengen globalen Sicherheitsstandards, Höchste verfügbare globale Informationssicherheit garantiert, Allgemeine Datenschutz-Grundverordnung der Europäischen Union, European Data Protection Authority (DPA) approval, Sicherheit, Verfügbarkeit und Vertraulichkeit von Betriebs-und Rechenzentren, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR), Für die Handhabung persönlicher Gesundheitsinformationen, Neue innovative Produkte und die neuesten Updates zu eSignature, CLM und Click. DocuSign Rooms bring people together in a secure digital space to complete complex agreements faster, involving multiple people, documents, and stages. The small squares create a bridge between the letters, emphasizing T-Mobile’s ability to connect people around the world. Donated software and technology resources for Canadian charities, nonprofits & libraries NPS ist ein Index von -100 bis +100, mit dem die Bereitschaft der Kunden gemessen wird, die Produkte oder Dienstleistungen eines Unternehmens weiterzuempfehlen. 477,505 square logo stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. But someone swapped out the C for a Q, and instead, Uniqlo was born! Whether you need a circle logo, triangle logo or square logo, the maker can create a fantastic logo tailored for you. Sie können im Selbststudium lernen oder an geführten Schulungen teilnehmen. DocuSign claims it has over 475,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries. It was an excellent decision, too! It telegraphs that we are confident, human, and contemporary. In cases like this, check out the history of your competitors’ logo designs and see what they changed vs. what they kept. Mit dieser Software kann die Existenz Ihrer digitalen Dokumente und Dateien einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt zugeordnet werden. DocuSign lässt sich dank unserer preisgekrönten APIs im Nu in Ihre App oder Website integrieren. Entdecken Sie mit unseren Kunden Best Practices für die “neue Normalität” mit DocuSign. There are both black and white versions of the logo. Today, it has 2 contrasting black-and-white squares with the company’s initials. When using the logo, use it wisely. DocuSign ermöglicht es jedem, alle Entscheidungen, Genehmigungen, Arbeitsprozesse und Unterschriften vollständig zu digitalisieren. Or, if you want to create an eye-gripping logo, fill the square with a bold color. And I know how to export to png. It’s such a well-known brand that its white, yellow, and red logo is instantly recognizable by both children and adults. Wie viel kostet DocuSign? It will generate hundreds of unique square logo designs that you can experiment with in minutes. Getting started with fonts in Illustrator. DocuSign, Inc. is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements. Die DocuSign-Transaktionsräume bieten einen sicheren digitalen Ort, an dem Sie umfangreiche Verträge mit mehreren Parteien stufenweise und schnell abwickeln können. Circles represent harmony, wholeness, and a feeling of completion. Square logos are versatile, which means you can use them to represent strength, organization, reliability, and discipline. Note that the top left logo links to www.docusign.com, and the bottom left footer says “Powered by DocuSign.” 2. Use … You’ll see in some of the examples below that you can incorporate square icons inside of your logo to create positive feelings about your brand. Did you notice that the 3 main design elements all represent solid traits like reliability and strong foundations? Even though they’re a Japanese company, they’ve managed to gain a massive share of the global clothing market. The logo being tall and thin, I would scale it so it's height is 152. And whatever its width then becomes, it doesn't matter. And that's where I get really confused. Gap’s familiar square logo is so iconic that when the company tried to rebrand it in 2010, there was such a huge backlash from customers that the new logo was scrapped. But the problem is that what I need to exports to png is not just the rectangular logo, but also a transparent frame around it that is square, so that it can be used as a Favicon. The Home Deposit is a no-fuss home improvement retailer that will have what you need if you’re looking for tools or construction equipment. BrandCrowd is handcrafted from around the world, Enter your email & we'll save your favourite logos, By proceeding you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In unserem Developer-Center finden Sie alles, was Sie zur Einbindung von DocuSign in Ihr Produkt benötigen, Unser Vertriebsteam hilft Ihnen, den richtigen Preisplan zu finden, Schließen Sie sich 500.000 Kunden und Millionen von Nutzern an, Digitalisieren und automatisieren Sie den gesamten Vertragsprozess. Old boss was called Jakob. Modernisieren Sie die Art, wie Verträge vorbereitet, signiert, bearbeitet und verwaltet werden. This is what I would do to create a 152x152 favicon. Use 72 at Export, or even better the legacy Save for Web (File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy)) where you can easily change the Image Size to any number of sizes. We’ve all played with Lego at some point in our lives. As you know, Facicons are square, with sizes ranging from 16x16 and multiples thereof, in a bitmap format (I will use png) and a transparent background. But why do shapes like squares have such a strong psychological effect on your audience? If you want a logo design that’s easy to manage and speaks volumes about your brand, you can’t go wrong with a square logo. Created as a social network for business, LinkedIn’s online portal allows professionals to speak and get in contact with each other around the globe. Wow, that’s a lot of squares!