If you walk down along the waters edge where the sand is hard it is an easy walk but up in the soft sand at high tide it can be tough. Although it is possible to swim in the water off Shell Island, the undertow is slightly stronger than the undertow off of front beach, so swimmers are urged to take safety measures before entering the water.

Loggerhead turtle nests also dot the land, but are not to be disturbed. Search For Shark Teeth At This One Beautiful Beach In South Carolina. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Located in a central shopping and business section of inland Carolina Beach, this fresh eatery has been wowing patrons of all varieties – from event planners to vacationing families – with a big selection of coastal eats. Love South Carolina? Shells on the island include the butterfly-shaped Angelwings, slender Wentletraps, spiny Apple murexes, scalloped calicos and cockles, Atlantic Jacknives, Slippersnails, Surfcalms, and Wing Oysters, Banded Tulips, Whelks, Channeled Duckclams, Wentletraps, and more. Plan an off-season visit. Shell seeking is one of the most beloved activities vacationers take part in every summer on Edisto Beach, but there’s one place on the island that is a must-see for any seashell lover.

A sign for his eco-tours will be visible from the road. From the beautifully rare to the just plain beautiful, these are the shells you’ll want to watch out for when embarking on a Carolina Beach shelling adventure. History or the natural beauty of the Lowcountry may not be your thing. The long stretch of shoreline is fine hunting grounds, but die-hard beachcombers will want to keep going north until they reach the Carolina Beach Inlet. Masonboro Island – You’ll need an on-the-water ride to get to this island, (specifically a kayak, water taxi, or boat tour), but once you’re onshore, you’ll be treated to 8.4 miles of undeveloped beaches where visitors rarely tread. Easy to enjoy in your own backyard or via a boat trip to an isolated shoreline, visitors who adore beachcombing will find themselves right at home at this coastal destination that has miles of beaches to explore. Welcome to The Oyster Rock, a family-owned and operated waterfront Calabash seafood restaurant specializing in excellent seafood and raw bar items, mixed with a flavorful variety of mouth-watering beef, chicken and pork dishes, along with sandwiches and burgers all prepared in house every day using only the freshest and finest ingredients from local and regional suppliers and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean right outside our doors.Overlooking the scenic Calabash River and its pristine estuaries and relaxing atmosphere, The Oyster Rock provides the most amazing view around, from our indoor and outdoor seating areas and bars featuring more than 24 domestic and imported beers on tap, 30 wines by the glass and a delicious collection of specialty cocktails. I would leave about an hour or more before low tide. 843-609-7102. We never got to go out with Captain Ron, but Captain Mike was great! With that being said, however, there are a few destinations where shell hunters tend to have better luck than others, simply due to the location and the general lack of crowds. That is as close as you can get other than by boat.

He must be a power walker to make this trip in 30 minutes. Visitors who want to make the most out of a shelling expedition can book a shelling tour, water taxi, or cruise to access some of the best beaches that are sometimes out of reach for everyday visitors. Charleston, South Carolina, is known for its historic homes, its plantations, and its beaches. What I said is true, just because you can't plan and have trouble walking don't blame it on me. Edisto Beach always has great events going on. I love combing beaches for seashells, tiny homes of seemingly impossible engineering to provide shelter for tiny ocean critters. Shell seeking is one of the most beloved activities vacationers take part in every summer on Edisto Beach, but there s one place on the island that is a must-see for any seashell lover. Scotch Bonnet – The Scotch Bonnet is the state shell of North Carolina, and is a surprisingly rare find that is prized by any beachcomber.

Olive Shells – These skinny conical shells are fairly common along the beaches, and are distinctive for their tight spiral top, their long and skinny opening, and their modest size – which is generally in the 1”-3” range. I tried to take my family on a trip to shell island recently only to find this Captain Ron person no longer runs the landing at the end of Botany Bay Road. A better way to get to the island is to call Edisto native Captain Ron Elliott at (843) 869-1937. Head to this rock ranch to dig for hidden gems – or this gold mine to pan for gold. Best of all, the gently sloping ocean floor throughout the town makes it easy for the most delicate finds to wash ashore perfectly intact. Coquinas – Small and colorful, coquina clams are tiny 1” or less bivalve shells that literally come in a rainbow of pastel but brilliant colors. The place is now called Wilkinson's Landing. Also referred to as a “shark’s eye,” these shells can range from just ½’ wide to 4-5” wide or more. An Invasive Beach-Ball-Sized Australian Jellyfish Has Been Spotted In South Carolina, For Low-Key, Home Cooked Food In A Rustic Atmosphere, Head To The Red Shed Diner In South Carolina, This 1.7-Mile Hike In South Carolina Is Full Of Jaw-Dropping Natural Pools, For A Day Of Groundbreaking, Family-Friendly Fun, Head To The Annual Steeplechase Of Charleston In South Carolina, One Of The Most Remote Beaches In South Carolina Is Also The Most Magnificent, This Natural Water Park In South Carolina Is The Most Fun You’ve Had In Ages, This Short Hike In South Carolina Leads To The Dreamiest Swimming Hole, You’ll Go Bonkers For The Swim-Up Bar At This South Carolina Resort, https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/nominate/, Search For Shark Teeth At This One Beautiful Beach In South Carolina, Pretty Place Chapel Is One Of The Most Spectacular Places To Watch The Sun Rise In South Carolina. Your email address will not be published or shared. She's lived in the Carolinas for nearly three decades and currently resides in Charleston. During low tide, it seems possible to walk across the inlet and onto the island, but the currents are very strong and the tide changes quickly making it possible to get stranded on the island. The beaches are nicely deserted in the late fall, winter, and early spring months, so shell … It’s also likely that small sand sharks are in the water (along with dolphin, turtles, jellyfish, and a host of other sea creatures) so always be on the lookout. Offering well over 100 vacation properties in all shapes and sizes, McClure Realty Vacations can help visitors of all tastes and party sizes find just the right home for their upcoming stay in the heart of the Brunswick Island beaches. Locals and tourists alike are loyal to Callahan’s because of our vast selection of home décor, holiday décor, gifts, and apparel sprawling over 35,000 square feet. Please enter your email address. Lost your password? I'll bet you did not look at the tide charts because the water can be ankle deep at true low tide and at high tide the island is under water. Her love for travel has taken her to many parts of the world. Freedman Park – Walk (or drive if you have a permit and 4WD vehicle) past the line of hotels and rental homes and head north to explore the nicely undeveloped beaches of this popular ocean-facing park.

You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Keep up to date with our events calander and don't miss out on any of the excitement! Took us closer to an hour an a half one way! The Atlantic Ocean is filled with mystery and intrigue and luckily, some of it washes ashore in South Carolina. Be sure to take some type of beach shoe; crocs, flip flops or water shoes. Measuring just 1-2” at most, these delicate shells are distinctive for their conical shapes and intricate forms. In which case, there are still some fantastic beaches near Charleston, SC, to experience.So read on to find the best places to soak up the sun and enjoy your upcoming beach vacations in Charleston. Because we are family owned and operated, Callahan’s is not only home to nearly every collectible imaginable but also to our employees, many of whom have been a part of the Callahan’s magic for over a decade and hold our business near and dear to their hearts.

Whelks – Often mistaken for conchs, three varieties of whelks - (lightning, right knobbed, and channel) - can wash ashore along the area beaches, and especially along Mansonboro Island Coastal Estuarine Reserve during a low tide. Whether you hit the sand close to home, or plan an extensive shelling expedition to one of the outlying island destinations, shelling can be an incredible Carolina Beach adventure that certainly pays off. These shell can range from 1-2” to up to 16” long, and are recognized for their ornate spiral shape, large lip / opening, and their myriad of colors. There are a lot of places on the island that are nothing but shells. Several shells are in excellent condition making it possible to bring home some natural souvenirs from an Edisto vacation. Advanced reservations are recommended - especially in the prime summer season months – as shelling is an activity that is quickly growing in popularity along the Cape Fear coastline. If you love taking a walk along the beach to look for shells and more, then a visit to Folly Beach … Here, our guide to 5 sun-drenched beaches … For nearly 40 years, the same corner has been home to a staple in the Calabash community, Callahan’s. Scallops – Fairly common throughout Carolina Beach area and beyond, beachcombers should note that there are two type of scallops that regularly wash ashore on the local beaches – the Atlantic Bay Scallop and the Calico Scallop. I love shells with spots of color, graceful spirals or intricate designs. I took my wife on this trek to shell island and it was a complete disaster. @Stan I made this walk on three separate days. GETTING TO CAPTAIN RON’S: Once an appointment has been made to go to Shell Island, visitors can get to Capt. Distinctive for its fat conical body, wide lip (or rim / opening), and its typically white and brown-specked exterior, the 1.5” – 5” Scotch Bonnet is always a keeper. Ron will take shell seekers out on a boat and leave them on the island for about two hours.